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Baccarat Sarko’s custom graffiti assassin soccer shoes

Crystal Palace player Baccarat Sarko with a pair of personalized custom graffiti dragon ball theme football shoes for the weekend of the Premiership to bring more Aspect. This is not the first time with Sarko custom graffiti football shoes eyeballs, Saco can be described as custom shoes up to people, and each piece of art is very high artistic attainments, called the football field of art.

Of course, so the art of graffiti football shoes certainly can not be the player itself to complete, this pair of “Dragon Ball Z” (Dragon Ball) graffiti football behind the hero is located in Paris artist Pierre Navarro (also known as Orravan Designs). Pierre cleverly designed a series of custom cartoon characters for the Crystal Palace midfielder, the theme of “comic series”, but unfortunately Sarko in Saturday against Southampton game although there are “Dragon beast body care”, but still failed Help the team to win a victory.

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Pierre also offers tailor-made graffiti soccer shoes for many professional players such as Podolski and Obama. For this high-end custom projects, all of them are produced in a hand-painted way, all eight graffiti football shoes are based on different Japanese comics for the creation of inspiration.

This is the day of the theme of graffiti football shoes is not Pierre and Sarko first joint. In 2014, Sarko appreciates Pierre’s customization service and asked him to create a Mercurial football shoe with a Swarovski diamond to commemorate Baccarat Sarko’s 100th game for the Wolves.

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