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Beijing 1978 pure handmade shoes to you not the same luxury

See the pair of beautiful shoes on the feet of her friends, she said, not only beautiful, but also the most comfortable and most stylish, is purely handmade in Beijing. So I went to visit Beijing in 1978. One-third of a person’s life in sleep, and your life is more than one-third of the time in the walk, walking can not be separated from the shoes, the comfort of the shoes to determine your feet comfortable, comfortable feet, the road of life Bright – this is my progress has been sticking to the most traditional handicraft footwear in Beijing 1978, and, to give you a most fashionable quality of life and the most temperament of the noble … …

Friends driving me into the Haidian on the village. The car, next to an old man said, you are to custom shoes? In Beijing, if you do not know “Beijing 1978”, then you must not be the people in the shoe circle. Yes, a middle-aged woman carrying just a good pair of fine shoes, said that this is a custom birthday gift to her husband. Where people who like to customize the shoes, the “Beijing 1978” always unconsciously thumb, this work, who imitation is not imitate! “

To Beijing 1978 custom shoes, has become a modern life of a fashion. Fine workmanship, as “Beijing 1978” a business card. Beijing 1978 “is a combination of independent design and production of lifestyle platform. Handmade shoes based on the same time derived from leather sculpture, handbags and other leather works, is located in Beijing, China Haidian Shangzhuang town, with a total area of ​​more than 20,000 Square meters, composed of classic Chinese courtyard and museum-style manual workshop, to create a single product sales for the purpose of the unique hand-made cultural atmosphere.To focus on creating Chinese footwear handmade first national brand, but also the brand, Cultural and organic combination of a new cultural upgrading experience.

Friends took me into a courtyard-style courtyard, which is the first shop in Beijing after the plant in 1978. Cao Wei, shoe factory manager, handed me a business card when I was surprised – white on the gray word, business card only one of his name, phone and Haidian on the village a few words, the other did not have a redundant word , Suddenly felt in front of the Cao is always low-key can not be low-key man, he only pay attention to the shoes to the extreme, “Beijing 1978” never advertised in the media, therefore, “Beijing 1978” the name in the circle Also excellent reputation. Talk about the origins of shoe factory, he said, in 1978, graduated from junior high school into the domestic level of first-class “flowers factory” apprentice. At that time, he did not know too much about this industry, just to find a job to feed their families. But in the process of doing shoes, he more and more profound understanding of a pair of good shoes on the importance of people, so the next 30 years, he studied the relationship between shoes and human bones. To 2013, founded a high-end custom shoes for the main business of the workshop, in order to commemorate their own business experience, he gave the workshop named “Beijing 1978”.

Beijing 1978, China’s top private custom shoes brand. It uses imported top-of-the-line material, measured by the amount of foot-type foot-type foot-foot molding method, the private designer tailored design. He bought all the international brand name, research, reference, and will have the sewing technology in the global high-end custom shoes industry, the only one with eight sewing technology custom center, sewing eight technology is in the traditional Goodyear Seam method and the Norwegian sewing on the shoe after 30 years of manual sewing process development, called hand-custom shoes industry approach peak.

It is a set of elegant old Beijing courtyard, brick Mowa, red mahogany door, which is the work environment of Beijing 1978, where the process of every hand is very sophisticated, I am in close contact with his team, I know, From 1978 handmade custom shoes high-end brand, to 2014 full force high-end shoe market, in the image of the shape, and gradually into the fashion field, to enhance the brand’s market image for high-end consumer groups to provide better products and services. In the product design, Beijing 1978 adhere to the selection of handmade craft to fit the current market trend design, respectively, to create Derby series, Oxford classic series, monk fashion series, Carrefour leisure series, golf series five product lines, full coverage High-end consumer demand for different occasions.

Pure imported raw materials, pure hand sewing. First look at their cultural ideas – brand vision: China’s high-end custom footwear brand. Brand mission: high-end custom, to undertake and carry forward the history and culture. Brand positioning: China’s health, comfort, technology, ingenious high-end custom footwear brand. Core values: the classic heritage of the rhyme, private high-end services.

“In the popular” fast “culture of society, to calm down to do one thing, for decades, the need is not just love, it is more A dedication to the traditional craft of the heart. Beijing 1978 handicrafts people in the founder of Mr. Cao Wei’s personal participation and lead the next line, a hammer, hand to the heart, to heart creation, showing a lot of ingenuity for.

Beijing 1978 “has its own rhythm, 8 hours a day work system, weekends and holidays do not work overtime, shoe workers do not rush to deal with every process, never hurry. As long as the quality of the clearance, and then slow all, because Cao Wei on their assessment criteria is not the number, but the quality.

I asked the workshop of the workers, he said he has come here for more than 10 years of experience in handmade shoes, but more than 30 years of master experience, he also appears to be insufficient technology to fine. To do a pair of shoes every process is very harsh, more than 20 skilled workers every day strict control of each process fine, up to do 5 pairs of shoes.

Look at this hand carved, like not in embroidery. At present, Beijing 1978 adhere to the selection of handmade craft to fit the current market trends and design, respectively, to create a “Derby series, Oxford classic series, monk fashion series, Carrefour leisure series, golf series “Five product lines, full coverage of high-end consumer wear on different occasions.

Adhere to the private custom, according to each of the foot-shaped structure, give you a pair of the most comfortable shoes. Always create a healthy, comfortable, craft, ingenuity of the high-end custom footwear brand.

They open an unprecedented creative journey, in the amount of feet, design, system last, do help, sewing, dyeing, maintenance of a set of process, to provide you with a special custom services. According to your personalized needs to select the leather, style and color, you can also name your first letter or logo printed on the upper.

I really experienced a process of wearing shoes, do not wear do not know, the original, each of us really do not know how reasonable shoes and shoes, a lace of the Department of law I studied no less than ten minutes, because not Before the custom, let me wear them according to my foot size of a pair of shoes, before and after a full enough to let me experience more than an hour, even a trace of a deduction do not let go of your feet, really appreciate the Do not let your feet comfort a millimeter, everything is to make your feet comfortable to the extreme so far.

Cao always said that the past few decades to do shoes, only know the shoes in accordance with specifications, so appropriate. But each person’s feet are not the same, the production line of shoes must not guarantee your feet the right. Later he learned that doing a pair of good shoes, and ergonomics and medicine have a great relationship. So he went to the hospital, and doctors talk about an ankle, fascia, muscle, Achilles tendon, the study of custom shoes every procedure can be how and fit. Now made every pair of shoes, you wear the first moment, absolutely your feet and every part of the shoes are comfortable body paste.

This needle all the way through the craftsmen of the spirit and the ultimate. They are at the expense of profit for the pursuit of quality, of course, not only to make shoes strong, durable so simple. “Beijing 1978” is the purpose of “comfortable shoes”. Chat to do the concept of shoes, Cao Wei will emphasize that people have two things must be comfortable life: First, sleep at night bed, the second is wearing shoes during the day And then beautiful shoes, wearing uncomfortable and meaningless. I found a stack of books on ergonomics, anatomy, and bones on his desk.

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Look, the sewing of the machine is better than the sewing of the machine. Each pair of shoes semi-finished products and outsole sewing at least 15 hours Seiko secret agents. Every shoe to get the hands, do not need too much explanation, naturally through the fine pins, even polished to read the story behind this. From their handicrafts can be perceived in the world is full of change, the more we should slow down some of the pace, carefully looked around the beauty. The hearts of the craftsmen must be quiet and stable, able to live hard, slow work.

People look at two things, one is the bed, a third of a lifetime in the above, the bed and then expensive, you have to buy ten thousand, ten dollars a day thing. Stop a car also had ten, that tube comfortable? But this one hundred thousand dollars to buy the bed must be comfortable, at least with the rest of my life. The other is the shoes, why use hand-sewn? For each foot alone to do shoes, wearing comfortable. In addition, people who want to wear can be so comfortable for twenty years. Spend ten thousand, your feet comfortable, the other are comfortable.

Accurate brand positioning, unique product design and quality user experience, in the field of handmade set off a pure China’s high-end handmade custom shoes fashion trend, quickly became the leader in the shoe market brand. And now the trend of this trend quickly settled in the Chinese market, the right way through the mainland hand custom shoes popular consumer market in-depth study, for the real needs of Chinese consumers, relying on a strong design and development team for the market to provide fashion, novel, romantic, distributed Full of aristocratic men’s shoes.

Now a pair of shoes on the market hundreds of thousands, less than a year or two old or not to wear, or style out of date replacement. Men’s shoes do not have so many women, except to run this professional use, a few pairs of classic style shoes in Beijing 1978 enough for a lifetime. As long as the conscious use and maintenance, wear a few decades is not too difficult thing. Such a look, the sooner encounter a pair of shoes for their own better, spend 10,000 custom is not a luxury, but smart.

China has too much productivity world-class shoe factory, but no one can be in the quality of world-class. As an old shoemaker, Cao Wei’s dream is to fill this gap, is to give you a comfortable life. Your feet are comfortable, and the road of life stretches to widen the prospect.

Adhere to the slow pace, adhere to pure hand; the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of quality. More than 20 old shoemaker, division of labor, just to make a pair of shoes to make you comfortable. At the same time, also developed a look pure cortex Wenchuang products, so refined, presumably you have no reason not to choose!

Carved shoes style design has more than tens of thousands, but despite what kind of mix, often also change their case Beijing 1978 in the pursuit of meticulous cultural level and genre, to give you comfort at the same time to your feet to add a beauty of art, reflecting the extreme of your noble, Beijing 1978 exquisite hand, embodied in the spirit of the craftsmen.

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