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Eleven trip our parents need a pair of healthy shoes

After the autumn break, the weather gradually cooler. With the temperature drop, rainy days from time to time to report. Every rain, many old people will not go out, because the ground slippery, shoes slippery. Often encountered this situation, a pair of anti-skid wear-resistant Jianbu shoes will be particularly important. From now until September 26, the Commercial Daily will have a joint ceremony with more than 30 years of experience in research and development of elderly shoes celebrity, jointly launched a new nine Jiu old age shoes will try to wear. This section Jianbu shoes designed for the elderly in the design, not only can make your feet more comfortable, the key is more wear-resistant non-slip soles, intimate solution to the problem of the elderly shoes. Special price is only 168 yuan / customize.

customize shoes quality is good I have to buy a pair

Yesterday morning, who lives in the new station area Wang Bobo came to the scene early in the morning, “I came yesterday, bought a pair of gifted shoes. Home try really comfortable, good quality. This is not my wife saw, let me come Buy her a pair. “Wang Bo Bo said that this shoe is very light, wearing walking is not strenuous. Insole massage function can ease the fatigue of the feet, very good. “My neighbor yesterday bought a pair of home, I tried to wear a very comfortable today, I specially with his wife came together to prepare a pair to buy a pair.” Who lives in the open area of ​​Wu aunt went straight to the Jianbu shoes booth To buy shoes She said, “the children work busy, no time to take care of the grandson .I and my wife retired at home, every day to help the child to pick up. A time to really tired. This shoe is designed well, not crowded feet, very comfortable. Wearing it to send grandchildren to school.

customize new balance cleats dazzal

Jiu Jiu Jian shoes more breathable more anti-slip more wear-resistant

Why so many people favor customize star celebrity shoes? Because this is a specifically for the elderly in the feet wide, easy to fold and other characteristics of the tail custom shoes. According to the customize Star celebrity in the elderly health footwear staff, nine Jiu Jian shoes especially million cases of foot type sampling, from the physiological characteristics and comfort, the elderly to solve the problem of shoes.

customize star celebrity Jiu Jiu Jian shoes with customize breathable fabric, micro-window through the hole design, comfortable and breathable, perspiration fast, not dull feet, antibacterial deodorant. Shoes with Velcro shoelaces design, flexible full, easy to wear off. Soles with polyurethane outsole design, one injection molding, to maintain the balance of the whole foot force, walking to absorb the foot impact, shock absorption is extremely strong. Sucker-like deep groove, like gecko as a strong grip, walking steady pragmatic, non-slip anti-fall, people are assured.

customize Star factory direct sales, the new customize star celebrities Jiu Jiu Jian shoes, a variety of colors available for selection. There is a need to readers fans from now until September 26, quickly to the first floor of Anhui newspaper building lobby try it! Such as

Choose two stars in the elderly health footwear nine reasons

● fly the upper, new technology and new materials, a molding, three-dimensional circulation breathable, do not cover their feet. Uppers are flexible, wearing wrapped with good effect, high comfort. ● sole anti-skid design, safety, friction, anti-fall, soles with two-color customize-density PU material, injection molding, flexible, shock absorption, wear. ● shoelaces are high bombs can not be demolished design, do not worry about shoelace off step on the use of one-way high-viscosity magic sticky, arbitrary regulation of tightness. ● Insole is customize breathable material. There is a massage, can be used interchangeably. ● shoes light, long time walking is not tired feet. ● After the mouth wrapped around the sponge, soft, hump design to protect the ankle. ● before and after the pork leather, new materials, highlight the product on the grade. ● The overall product design is both stylish and generous, simple and innovative style. Men and women of the two colors, for your choice. ● forefoot widened, heightened, loose shoes, not crowded feet.

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