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The world’s first high-footwear custom system came

Guangzhou high-end fashion shoes brand GML brand conference on September 20, such as about to. This fashion feast to “master of the inheritance – extravagant ‘run'” as the theme, in the W hotel this is both creative and unique modern, across the region of fashion gathered to stunning open.

This is the first official appearance of the GML brand, the night of the hotel turned into a bright show W, presented extraordinary fashion party. “Prof. Jimmy Choo OBE”, around the top fashion big coffee, popular trend leader, Guangzhou industry celebrities, the city fashion celebrities gathered together to witness the flow of Italian origin and specifically for the Chinese women Body to create the designer shoes brand GML extraordinary charm.

Italian luxury GML interpretation of footwear “sexy” fashion show

The Italian style of art, the art of the main visual design, people seem to be in the Italian art exhibition; the field is the most popular elements of the current flash shop, the depth of the restoration of the 17th century St. Marco Square, the original appearance, to create a luxury and high-end fashion world, for the guests to bring real Italian way of life and enjoy. Exclusive fashion salon, Italian attendants, art exhibitions, Italian cultural style closely accompanied by fashion ladies dress pretty walk through them, as if immersed in the aristocratic palace banquet, showing GML’s Italian design ideas and value tastes, passing GML interpretation of fashion , Spread the fashion, full of ingenuity and high quality brand connotation. In the catwalk scene, GML invited hundreds of social celebrities, fashion and fashion female female portrait portrait interpretation.

High-end custom to do the soul of the works of art

GML brand was born in the charm of the city – Yangcheng, Guangzhou is the card launched by the women’s designer brand. Since its inception, has been focused on high-end women’s shoes R & D and design by the world’s top designer Professor Zhou Yangjie (Prof. Jimmy Choo) as a designer team tutor. GML inherited the Italian spirit of ingenuity and quality connotation, with first-class and not lost in any luxury big product design and development team, and high-end custom experience, GML do the feeling of the European brand and standard, Professor Zhou Yangjie said.

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With the consumer upgrade, a new generation of independent economic rise of women, personality, high quality, artistic footwear brand has been pursued. GML is a high-end fashion sexy representative, stick to the quality of the commitment and pursuit of ingenuity. GML adhering to the “shoe state” Italy high quality standards, the use of top materials and production process to create a soul of art for the design concept, combined with inspiration from the footwear master, to create a “luxury aristocratic” “sexy “” Soft goddess “brand personality products for Chinese consumers to highlight the luxury of life and taste of the temperament of women’s shoes, and beyond the first high-end women’s brand in China forward.

Surprisingly, at the conference site, GML first released the world’s first one size 108 kinds of shoes, high custom system, the technology for the trend, so that every elegant lady can harvest their own height and temperament Exclusive shoes. GML founder Ma Zhenming said: “Shoe is not only a kind of life, it is a kind of expression of life attitude.We are not just doing shoes, but also the soul of the works of art.

Ingenuity for temperament plus point height

GML founder Ma Zhenming to fashion very fanatical beliefs and ingenuity of the attitude of the GML brand into the fashion life. Ma Zhenming said that Professor Jimmy Chow’s portrait, GML has a superb shoe-making process and the world’s top design team, will be able to second and second tier cities are acceptable prices of women, open a “fine high heels” market, so that China Love exquisite life, love the fashion of women who are able to have their own exclusive footwear, become the master of their own lives and the future of the fashion queen.

Some people have commented on Professor Zhou Yangjie: the first time put on his design shoes began, you betrayed your soul. He is Princess Diana’s Queen’s shoes designer, is also a star fashion circle in the stars of the guests, he is a symbol of elegance and luxury.

That evening, Professor Zhou Yangjie together GML design team debut on stage. At the same time, he talked about the trend of women’s shoes nowadays, to share its decades of shoe mentality course. He said: “When I was young, I learned the professionalism of doing shoes from my father, and it was the way to do it. I now want to pass on this craft and the professionalism of these specialties. More young people, as much as possible to help more people to grow, do more consumers can afford the boutique, make China ‘s own brand.

It is worth mentioning that 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. To commemorate Professor Zhou Yangjie’s “inspiration muse”, carry forward the charity of Princess Diana, Professor Zhou Yangjie personally submitted to the Diana Award charity applications, and in the release site charity auction. The auction of his Princess Diana personally customized footwear engraved version, and together with GML to create and by his autographed celebrity with the shoes, the auction proceeds all donated to the Diana Award (THE DIANA AWARD).

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